Sesshins, meditation retreats

Each month Master Reigen Wang-Genh directs retreats ranging from three to nine days in length. These retreats are open to everyone; for both beginners and ordained people alike, sesshins are an opportunity to delve into the heart of Soto Zen. This experience allows participants to experience a practice that has been transmitted through the centuries which affects all aspects of daily life. Sesshins are comprised of four sessions of zazenseated meditation - per day, divided by samu - communal work, silent meals, and cermonies. Master Wang-Genh gives lectures on various themes. Practitioners are also given the opportunity to ask questions either one to one - dokusan - with Master Wang-Genh, or during zazen - mondo. There is also an experienced monk or nun responsible for helping beginners during the retreat. 


In order to maintain a peaceful atmosphere, mobile phones and the use of the internet are not permitted during sesshin. It is possible to use your phone outside of the monastery. Books on Zen Buddhism are available at the monastery´s library. 

Books on Zen Buddhism are available in the library.




Schedules for a three-day sesshin - may change

Friday / Saturday

6:00 a.m.: Wake up

6h30-8h15 : Zazen (Zen meditation) then morning ceremony.

8h15-9h00 : Guen-mai (silent meal), coffee

9h50-10h30: Explanations on practice

11h00-12h30 : Zazen & Teisho (teaching by master Wang-Genh)

12h30-13h15 : Oryokis meal (silent meal) + coffee

14h45-17h00: Samu (service for the community)

17h30-18h45 : Zazen and mondo (questions-answers with the Master)

18h45-19h15: Dinner

20h30- 21h45: Zazen

10pm: Sleep


6:00 a.m.: Wake up

6:30-8:15: Zazen, morning ceremony

8:15-9:00: Guen-mai, coffee

9:30-10:30: Samu

11h00-12h30 : Zazen & Teisho (teaching)

12h30-13h15: Lunch - coffee then tidying up of the monastery departure around 15h.

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