Development of the project

January 2010 : birth of the project.

After discussion within the Sangha, the community of practitioners, it was decided to build a Dana house. Master Wang-Genh sent a letter to the association's  members requesting their support. During the next few weeks he visited all the centres in the region in order to present the project. He also met with Alsace's political leaders to negotiate subsidies.

In may planning permission was granted and work could begin.

There followed a year and a half long adventure for supporters and practitioners... 

In mai 2011 the "Dana house" chapel was inaugurated in the presence of numerous buddhist masters and regional and national political leaders.

In the following pages you will find a diary following the progress of the construction with photos, textes and videos by Jean-Michel Seigen. 

For a year and a half he documented life at the monastery. Here you can discover the teaching weekends, the progress of work on the Dana house, the monthly sesshins as well a picture of daily life in the monastery .... zen practice from day to day! (Texts are in french)


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