videos - nouveau dojo

Videos - New Dojo

Launch of the Crowdfunding campaign to finance the new dojo in the temple!

In the video below, Olivier Reigen Wang-Genh reveals all the details of this beautiful collaborative project.

New interview with Master Reigen Wang-Genh who talks to us this time about the meditative path that will take shape in the gardens of the monastery. It is the strength of the sangha that allows this unique place to exist.

What values do you convey by participating in the development of Ryumonji Zen Temple, enabling thousands of people to practice silent sitting each year?
Here are the answers of Master Reigen Wang-Genh in this new interview:

Discover the meaning of the different sounds that accompany meditation and ceremonies in Zen.

The Construction of the new dojo begins!

In this new video, residents and guests of Ryumonji share their experiences in a Zen monastery. Here is their testimony.

A look back at the first week of work on the new Ryumonji dojo!

Why support this project? Master Wang-Genh answers.

Who are the Ryumonji's residents and regular practitioners? Discover their smiles in this photo slideshow, with music by DJ Faust. Thanks again to him for his contribution.

The temple buildings are surrounded by gardens. There is a vegetable garden, medicinal plants, flowers, ponds, compost... Discover in this video how these spaces are managed in an eco-responsible way.

And we won't have to present DJ Faust anymore for the music!

Our crowdfunding campaign continues! But what is Zen, anyway? The (subjective) answer from regular practitioners.


Texts of prayers and sutras were buried in the concrete slab, the base of this future dojo, during the ceremony for the protection of the new dojo.

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