Family sesshin

Family Retreats

During the family retreat, the gates of the Dragon Temple are opened to all the children of the Sangha. They can bring their curiosity and their joy of being together in nature. Children from five or six years old participate in activities designed for their age group. Younger children are also welcome but remain under the supervision of their parents. 

For the adults (practitioners and/or their partners) the retreat follows the rhythm of a normal sesshin including zazen and collective activities. The children participate as tag-alongs for the meals, samu, or while ringing bells. During zazen, depending on their age, and the weather, they are set to task at mindful work. For example, one still admires the moss they planted on the garden path during the last family retreat. 

The retreat is free for children under 3 years old (donations are welcome). 

Please register well in advance to help organization.

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Below, the video made in 2022...

The adults practiced as during a classical sesshin (4 zazen per day) while a dozen children from 3 to 10 years old participated in different workshops. 

On the programme: visit of the temple, construction of a bee house for solitary bees, discovery of meditation, the Six Paramitas and Buddhist values through games, question and answer session with Master Wang-Genh, participation in community tasks such as washing up and serving, evening around a campfire, ceremonies....

Television covereage from TV France 3 Alsace ( in French and Alsation)

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